Red Design Group is one of Australia’s leading retail designers.

Founded in 2002, the agency has produced some amazing design work for top retailers in their home country, earning recognition for their iconic retail projects such as The Candy Room, Macro Wholefoods, the Myer Youth Basement, Johnny Bigg, Oroton, Michael Hill Jewellers, Brickworks and 7 Eleven.

In coming years Red spread its wings, worked on retail design projects in Indonesia, Taiwan, China and Turkey.

Back home Red has also been successful in attracting global brands such as Lego, Uniqlo, New Balance. Specsavers, Loreal and Kiehls, becoming their local architects in Australia.

In 2016 our global expansion began in earnest when Red was invited to design new premium food store in Vietnam.

Within 12 months we had set up a new company and hired a new design team in Ho Chi Minh City. Today that team numbers almost 30 designers and architects and is headed by one of our directors, Rhys Mullarvey

Then came the call that resulted in our move to the US.

In 2018 one of our most important clients in Australia, Brickworks, acquired Glen Gery, a large US brick manufacturer in the North East.

Red was invited to work on the design of 3 Brickworks Design Studios in the US, including their planned flagship showroom in 5th Avenue, Manhattan.

Much of the work took place during COVID lockdowns and we partnered with a highly respected firm of architects in New York, DHD Architects who took the role of principal architects in the US whilst our design team in Melbourne created the concept designs.

That partnership was so successful that Red and DHD have just launched a new, jointly owned architectural and design agency in the US called RxD.

The new agency named RxD to represent the fusion of the two founding firms.

RxD is based in New York and works nationally across all US states to provide design and documentation services to retailers who are implementing new store roll-outs or refurbishing existing sites.

Supported by Red’s own offshore drafting team in Vietnam, the combination of Red’s retail design  experience and DHD’s respected architectural credentials presents a compelling offer to large US retailers or global brands with US locations. 

Large scale retail store rollouts need a fast track, affordable and responsive design service and that is exactly what RXD will offer.

Thanks to our valued clients at Brickworks, Red’s expansion into the US and our partnership with DHD presents a fantastic opportunity for our next stage of global expansion.

Red has a truly global vision and we are already busy with our expansion into the UK and Europe.

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